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Stripe makes processing payments online and managing subscriptions super easy. But there is room for nuance in their automated subscription renewal reminders.

Most online subscription-based businesses offer monthly and annual plans, but Stripe only offers one way of notifying customers about upcoming renewals: on or off.

Reminders to customers paying month-to-month can be unecessary and bothersome. Why risk upsetting a customer or training them to tune our repetitive messages?

Yearly customers, however, may be caught off-guard by an auto-renewing subscription. The user may still use your product or service, but many things could have changed, including expired cards. A yearly subscription renewal reminder is a good opportunity to remind users why they found your service important to begin with, gives them a chance to update payment details, and gives them a heads up. Allowing a customer to churn gracefully on their terms is preferable to a a surprised, upset customer who planned to leave anyway.

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We are in an early beta version. Try the service for free and let us know how you like it or if there are other features you would like to have. We will be growing and improving the service based on your feedback and will eventually have paid versions.