Stripe Webhook Setup

RemindKind relies on Stripe's webhook utility to let us know when to send upcoming renewal reminders on your behalf.

You will need to log in to your Stripe dashboard and register the RemindKind webhook URL from your settings page with them:

RemindKind is only interested in processing upcoming invoice events for subscriptions that recur on a yearly bases. When you register your webhook endpoint with Stripe, you have the option of limiting events to only the invoice.upcoming type.

When set up successfully, RemindKind will be alerted to all upcoming subscription renewals based on the interval set in your Stripe Dashboard ( We send a single email on your behalf. RemindKind uses Postmark to send the reminder email. We do not retain any information provided in the webhook endpoint events we receive from Stripe. The relevant information required to send the email is securely handled by Postmark and retained on their secure servers for 45 days. Details on the RemindKind dashboard are retrieved from Postmark and display for your reference on demand.